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Pendaftaran Reseller/Dropship Anak Hebat Indonesia

Anak Hebat Indonesia membuka peluang bekerja sama bagi siapa saja yang ingin bergabung menjadi reseller/dropship buku-buku terbitan Anak Hebat Indonesia.
Penerbit Anak Hebat Indonesia merupakan Penerbitan buku sejak tahun 2016 dan pada tahun ini menjadi produk buku-buku terlaris, sehingga masih terbuka lebar kesempatan untuk mengembangkan bisnis ini dan mendapatkan penghasilan lebih.

Syarat & Ketentuan :

Dropship minimal pembelian 3 ekslempar buku
Reseller minimal pembelian 5 ekslempar buku

Perbandingan diskon :

Dropship mendapatkan potongan diskon 25%
Reseller mendapatkan potongan diskon 30%

Fasilitas yang didapatkan :

Dropship :
- Konten untuk upload produk/promo di media sosial
- Jasa packing dan Jasa Kirim (tidak termasuk biaya kirim)

Reseller :
- Konten untuk upload produk/promo di media sosial
- Jika Dropship jasa packing dan Jasa Kirim (tidak termasuk biaya kirim)
- Free ongkir untuk wilayah TANGERANG, JAKARTA, BANDUNG, SEMARANG, SURABAYA, YOGYAKARTA, dan SOLO (max 3kg dan minimal pembelian RP 100.000,- )


Info Lainnya :

- Jika kamu sudah paham akan ketentuan Reseller Anak Hebat Indonesia, silahkan daftarkan dirimu dengan mengisi data berikut (klik)

- Untuk Dropsip, anakhebat menyediakan ekspedisi, JNE, WAHANA, JNT, SICEPAT, POS KILAT

- Katalog buku excel dan gambar (tanpa watermark), kamu bisa download disini (katalog akan di update setiap tanggal 15)
dan untuk sinopsis kamu bisa copas di website anakhebatindonesia

- Untuk pemesanan, info, dan fast respon silahkan menghubungi admin disini

Anak Hebat Indonesia Publisher and Distribution Group

Anak Hebat Indonesia Group is a publishing company and a distributor who stood in Yogyakarta. This company publish popular books and school books. During its development, the publishing side has been in collaboration with some best partners in Indonesia through the largest store network in Indonesia, Gramedia. A commitment to grow continously and to become the gate for civilization and humanity in achieving better knowledge. Also, a continuous effort to become an important part of this nation's transformation.

We are a progressive publishing company that currently publishes so many books in various genres such as psychology, religion, language, and social-humanities. We are committed to this publishing business by extending our corporate platform from 2007 only publishing, until in 2016 we succeeded in creating our own distributors so that the distribution and sales of our books can be optimally monitored and maintained. Finally, by 2017, we develop the company's line into the printing business slowly by purchasing printing machines to make our book publishing process more efficient in a coherent sphere. Our printing eventually becomes an independent printing that can accommodate requests from external parties so that production does not depend only on internal books alone.

In the eleven years of our career, we have published over five hundred titles in several genres pointed out by our publishing line. In the first few years, we publish business books and religious books on our monthly basis. After that, we expanded the genre and decided to publish some books in psychology, language, business, and self-motivation genres in the hope of greater market uptake. Then, we publish a comedy-based novel based on the trend in 2013. Our novel has been filmed and became a cinema in theaters in 2013. In early 2016 we published a novel based on the phenomenon of Wattpad which is being hits in 2017. Over time, we begin to believe that achieving the achievement of international title publishing may be necessary. Based on that premise, we want to take an important step in our ability to successfully publish some international titles. In 2018, we hope we can compete with other publishers and become more advanced in the publishing world in Indonesia. In the end, you can contact us through our webpage for more information.


Distributor of PT. ANAK HEBAT INDONESIA manages book distribution and book marketing to all region in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, up to the Eastern side of Indonesia.


Publishing Line (2007 - present)

Warehouse Line (2007 - present)

Distribution Line (2016 - present)

Printing Line (2017 - present)



Psikologi Corner - Psychology Genre (active)

Mueeza - Religion Genre (active)

Pusat Kajian Bahasa - Language Genres (active)

Legality - Legal Genre (active)

Sociality - Social-Humanity Genre (active)

Komunika - Genre Communications (active)

Pustaka Jawi - Java Culture Genre (active)

Playground - Child's Genre (active)

Schoolbook - School Book Genre (inactive)

Histeria - Entertainment & Novel Genre (active)

Oryza - Genre of Agriculture (active)

Healthy - Health Genre (active)

Roemah Soekarno & Biography - Genre Biography (active)

Quadrant - Genre of Economics, Business and Management (active)

Start Up - Technology Genre (active)



CURIOUS MINDS / Janet Evanovich & Phoef Sutton, 2016

PRINCE IN A REPUBLIC / John Monfries, 2018

THE ACCUSATION: Forbidden Stories from Inside North Korea / Bandi, 2018



100 TAHUN SETELAH AKU MATI (Hundred Years After I die) / WN, 2017

CHANGE YOUR BAD HABIT (Change Your Bad Habit)/ Badrul Munir, 2016

ASSALAMUALAIKUM OPPA  (Hello, Oppa!)/ Temillasari Dwenti, 2016

BUY MY LIFE (Buy My Life) / Mrs. Mathrange, 2016

BERDAMAI DENGAN DIRI SENDIRI (Dealing with Yourself) / Muthia Sayekti, 2017

NGAKAK BARENG BTS (Laugh with BTS) / Nabila Zahra P, 2018




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